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8 Ways To Wake Up Extra Beautiful

by Bianca Rose (follow)
We are all beautiful, but do you wish there was a way to wake up extra beautiful? Follow these steps before going to bed, to avoid waking up a complete mess;

1. Wash your face:
No matter how tired you are from a late night out, you need to wash your face. Makeup and dirt leftover from the day can clog your pores and make them look even larger, which no girl wants. By washing your face before bed, you are allowing your skin to breathe and repair.

2. Moisturise your face:
Seems really obvious, I know, but it is such an important step. Pay special attention around your eyes and anywhere where there is fine lines, it will make your face look plump and youthful in the morning.

3. Moisturise your hair:
This step should definitely be part of your night routine and it is often missed. It will smooth any split ends and moisturise and condition your hair while you sleep, to look radiant and smooth by morning.

4. Use a satin pillowcase:
If you haven't heard of anyone doing this yet, it is something you should consider. Cotton pillowcases have rougher fibres, these snag your hair and give you that birds nest or "bed head" look in the morning. By swapping to a satin pillowcase, your hair will slip and slide across the pillow.

5. Clean pillowcase:
Speaking of pillowcases, did you know you should change your pillowcase at least once a week? Oil from your hair and face will rub off onto the pillowcase and create a breeding ground for bacteria which cause breakouts.

6. Hydrate your lips:
Make sure you hydrate your lips while you sleep. Apply a heavy layer of lip balm before going to sleep. This will help your lips be plump and supple in the morning.

7. Keep your hair off your face:
Sleep with your hair off your face. Tie it up in a loose bun to avoid the oils in your hair causing breakouts on your face.

8. Use a sleep mask:
Using a sleep mask will block out all light. It will tell the light receptors in your eyes that it's dark and time to start producing melatonin, which helps you to go into a deep sleep and wake up extra refreshed.

These steps may seem like a punishment if you get home late at night or you're extra tired from work, but you won't regret following them once you see the difference they make.

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